Go Rails Go becomes Pilot

This year marks Go Rails Go’s 5th year in business. The company was originally founded in 2009 on a mission to help other companies build amazing products. We focused on Ruby on Rails because we believed fast iteration it allowed was a key contributor to a product’s success. We were relentless in making sure everyone in the company had the same razor-sharp focus on writing the best code possible.

Since then, we’ve learnt that there’s a lot more to a great product than just software. We grew our team to incorporate producers, designers, testers and mobile developers to be able to build the best products possible. Our clients, who over the years turned to us for much more than just writing software, see us as a partner on a journey to success.

We spent last summer thinking deeply about what makes us different. We have excellent Ruby on Rails developers, but to call us a Ruby on Rails agency doesn’t seem quite right. We build and design software, but to call us a software house isn’t true either. We consult our clients on how to build their products, but to call us a consulting firm is off base as well. But we are a team of amazing people who wake up every day excited to make the experience of building a product with us truly outstanding.

Today is all about making these experiences even more remarkable, starting with our brand. Go Rails Go is now Pilot, a name which reflects the trust that our clients put in us so that they can take advantage of technology without having to worry about it.

The last five years have been a blast, but with such an amazing team, solid foundations for future growth and a brand which truly reflects who we are, the next five are going to be even better.

—Matt Drozdzynski
Founder & CEO Pilot